We are Load Da FUD

We invented a new type of NFT Card Game

Have you ever been rekt due to cryptocurrency market FUD? Did you get convinced to sell at the bottom after buying the top? Market manipulators love to leave crypto investors 'holding the bag' whilst they run away with our unrealised gains. ‘Load Da FUD’ might just be the best NFT hodl to help you change all that.

We’ve analysed article headlines from popular publications across the internet that cover crypto currency news. Then after 100s of hours of analysis, we cross-matched the dates of these articles with times when the BTC-USD market has seen significant ‘dumps’ or ‘price corrections’. The result? Our NFT card game! You can hold NFTs and receive airdrops the next time the market tanks! With our data driven NFT collectibles, holders also get full Load Da FUD DAO voter access, and entry into our future online game tournaments.

We found so much crypto FUD it's incredible!

Here are the Load Da FUD categories

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (often shortened to FUD) is a propaganda tactic used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics, polling and cults. read more.
Load Da Fud created something we call the 'Robin Hood Algorithm' which helps us detect and categorise FUD at high volume. Categories include:


The FUD Level is calculated using the 24Hr change in price for Bitcoin on that day.


Which publication printed the article headline


The date the article was published


Which cryptocurrency, exchange or type of crypto asset is the target of the FUD?

Load Da FUD categories continued...

Each Load Da FUD card has specific FUD data!


Who is responsible for the FUD? Regulators, bankers, criminal courts, celebrities, hackers, market analysts etc.


What part of the world is the crypto FUD coming from? China, USA, UK, European Union, Turkey etc.

FUD Type

Which type of crypto FUD is being reported: Regulation FUD, threats of banning, theft, criminal activities, market bubbles, loss of investor capital, scams, etc.


Tells us which cryptocurrency, exchange or type of crypto asset is the target of the FUD. Bitcoin, ICOs, NFTs, Binance etc.

How do you Benefit?

Benefits of LoadDaFUD NFT Holders

Not everything is about rarity. Picking the right combinations of NFTs could mean you get airdrops for life.

If the Bitcoin price drops by -10% or more on the 24hour close, LoadDaFUD NFT holders become eligible for treasury airdrops. If their NFTs match the FUD criteria of that day, they share a % of the treasury pot. One lucky holder could get the entire airdrop or it could be dozens.

As Load Da FUD expands we’ll create digital card game cross chain tournaments. Holding 1 LoadDaFud will allow you to enter into the tournament and play others strategically for real crypto! We have 3 Games to choose from.

Every NFT holder is entitled to vote in our community DAO. LoadDaFUD DAO voting also lets members decide if we need to adapt or change some core features e.g. minting or categorisation.

Load Da FUD Payout Rules

NFT Airdrop Management

Load Da FUD Airdrop Critea

Group 1

After 10 NFTs Sold
Market Dump
min -10%
Every Dump
Pay Out
Qualified Groups Only
FUD Level Matches
1. Alpha Match: Level, publication & 4 FUD symbols
2. Ultra Match: Level, publication & 3 FUD symbols
3. Mega Match: Level, publication & 3 FUD symbols
4. Premium Match: Level, publication & 2 FUD symbols
5. Advance Match: Level, publication & 2 FUD symbols

Group 2

No Match In FUD Level
1. Full House: 5 cards from same publication match (Any symbol combo) (Any level)
2. Four of a Kind: 4 cards with same symbols (Any publication) (Any level)
3. Triple FUD Fingers: 3 cards on with the same A.) Month match, B.) Symbol match, C.) Level Match (not Level 5)
4. Dual Guard FUD: 2 cards with the same FUD level + Same publication (not level 5)
5. Dual Basic FUD: 2 cards with the same FUD level + Same symbols (not level 5)

Load Da FUD Fees

40% Dao Treasury (AirDrops)
30% Developer Fees
20% Game Fund
6% Community Incentives
3% Marketing
1% Miscellaneous

NTF Sales Allocation

4.0% Developer Fees
4.5% Dao Treasury
1.5% Game Fund
2.5% Open Sea (Platform Fees)
87.5% Seller

Load Da FUD DAO Treasuries

Total DAO Funding treasury

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Binance Smart Chain

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


How it Goes

The Road Map

  • Phase 1

    Initial Mint

    10 LoadDaFUD NFTs will be minted on Opensea and we'll start our first community Giveaway

  • Phase 2

    Website Launch

    After the successful launch of our website we'll list a further 100 NFTs sporadically on Opensea

  • Phase 3

    Treasury Launch

    After listing 100 NFTs on Opensea we will open our Treasury with the fund raised in NFT sales, all holders will now be eligible to payout provided they have the right NFT FUD combinations

  • Phase 4

    Cross Chain Launch

    Load Da Fud will launch on a handful of other chains setting up 4 more DAO Treasuries for airdrops and market dump hedgings

  • Phase 5

    1000 More NFTs Minted

    1000 or more unique NFTs will be made available to the community. Sales from these NFTS will be used to increase the Treasuries and fund development of our digital NFT card game

  • Phase 6

    NFT Card Game

    Launch of our NFT card game and Token Distribution. Details TBA

Team Members

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Our NFTs
  • Treasury
  • Other
  • Games

What is Load Da FUD?

Load Da FUD is a fun, data driven NFT project that looks to reward holders through gaming and airdrops. Buying different NFTs exposes you to different opportunities and strategies for protecting your crypto from market manipulation.

How do you pruchase Load Da FUD?

Right now you can buy LoadDaFUD NFTs from Opensea. As we expand to different chains we will make more buy links available.

What do Load Da FUD owners get?

If the Bitcoin market cap dumps by 10% or more in a 24hrs, LoadDaFUD NFT holders become eligible for treasury airdrops. Holding the NFT will also give NFT holders unlimited entry into our online card game tournaments. Furthermore your NFT will give you a voters right in our community DAO.

Are there any Royalty fees?

We take 10% of secondary sales, 55% of this is used for project development and 45% goes straight to the DAO treasury.

How many LoadDaFUD NFTs are there?

There are over 1000 NFT we’ll be releasing on each chain, but as the NFTs are data driven. More NFT will of course be added in the future. The mint rate will depend on which publications we analyse and how much FUD there is. ‘Da more they FUD, da more we mint.

Which chain is the best to get LoadDaFUD NFTs?

Each chain will have its own perks and special edition rare FUDs. If you hold an FNT on a specific chain, only be eligible for the airdrop from that chain’s treasury. There will be special perks for those who have matching NFT on multiple chains.

Rarity: Which are the best LoadDaFUD to get?

Level 5 FUD are the most common FUD generally the higher the level the rarer the FUD. Current Levels range from 5-400. Crypto blogs we choose generally post the most about crypto from all our publications. Check above in Group 1 and Group 2 in for the best FUD collection strategies for airdrops.

How do you make LoadDaFUD?

We search the top financial publications, crypto blogs and top news websites for headlines about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. We then use an proprietary algorithm that analyses sentiment in each headline and cross-matches the article dates with dates when the BTC-USD market charts. Finally we use a generative algorithm to create the NFT cards GIFs,using more propriety code and open source libraries.

When does the treasury do pay out?

The treasury will pay out within between 3 days and 1 week of the initial market dump. As our system automation improves, airdrops will likely be within 72hours.

How is the Treasury Funded?

The treasury is funded from 40% the revenue of the primary sales and 4.5% secondary NFT sales.

Who is eligible for airdrops?

We use FUD headlines from the day of dump as match criteria. Then we work our way down Group 1 and Group 2 to find the top holder matches. Holders from both groups will be eligible.

How much does the treasury pay out?

If the Bitcoin dump is 15% in a day, we pay out 15% of the treasury on each chain to its respective airdrop winners. If you are 1 of 20 members holding matching FUD, the pot is split between 20 members.


COMING SOON! We have 3 games for development. As the project grows we'll reveal more details.